Severe Back Pain

If you are spending ever longer periods sitting down at a desk during the day at work, it does not help that after such periods of inactivity, its back home to sit down again and relax. The easiest way to prevent possible back pain problems occurring is to try and reduce the amount of time that is spent sitting. Unfortunately, this is not always possible so it is beneficial to try and take frequent short periods of time when you can be on your feet, either just standing and stretching or walk around the room adopting the correct walking posture. Many back injuries continue to cause problems because the back muscles, tendons, or ligaments did not heal correctly, and we ended up compensating to protect the area. Sometimes our body does not shut the compensation mechanisms off and return to normal mechanics, which ends up leading to greater risks of future back injuries. I have seen many people with chronic low back pain that ended up returning to a "normal" pain free life. Usually these people had to hit rock bottom and change their "bad habits" and form "good back habits."back pain relief Five- to ten-minute ice massages applied to a painful area within the first 48 hours of pain onset can help relieve pain as can heat, which relaxes the muscles. Heat should be used for pains that last longer than 48 hours. Over-the-counter pain relievers such as aspirin, acetaminophen and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs ( NSAIDS ), are frequently adequate to control episodes of back pain, and muscle relaxants may help those with limited motion secondary to muscle tightness. Also, see your doctor if you start having back pain for the first time after age 50, or if you have a history of cancer, osteoporosis, steroid use, or drug or alcohol abuse. Maintain proper posture in order to prevent back pain. It is important to stand, sit and walk properly so that your muscles and ligaments do not pull your vertebrae out of alignment and cause pain. Your head, neck and spine should be aligned properly at all times to help prevent any pain. People sometimes have to endure much before they are able to see a specialist for their back pain. For many people, the most comfortable position to rest in is laying on a flat back and bending their knees. Your back and legs can experience a reduction in tension from tendons or muscles. Advent of 21st century heralded the advancement in science and technology in every field. There's a major shift in man's living style. Today's hectic life means a more sedentary life. Everything is available at the comfort of your home/locality. Luxuries in life come at a cost, and today man is paying at the cost of his health/flexibility. Whether you're working in a corporate, a bank, a school or hospital, chances are you're already sitting/standing in wrong postures, thus we see major cervical related health problems for every quarter. And that's where chiropractic treatment comes into the fore.